Why Your Website Is A Tiny Fish In A Huge Ocean?

by | Dec 14, 2022

Imagine your website was a single fish you owned in the Atlantic Ocean.


Your fish is unique, it’s valuable, and lots of people would love it.


They’d love it so much that if they found it, they’d get out their credit card and pay you good money for it.




The problem is the ocean is enormous, and your fish is so small, 


How is anyone who wants your fish going to find it?


Maybe someone gets lucky, and occasionally your fish gets caught.


But only some people will find your unique special fish – aka your website containing all your goods and services.


You need a way for your fish to get found so you can sell it to whoever can see it.


What can you do…


Perhaps you give the fisherman a map and narrow down the area where they search for your fish?


You could put a tracker into the fish, so its precise location is known.


Or even better, you equip the fisherman with a map, a tracking device and a special fishing rod, so that as soon as the fisherman casts their rod, the fish automatically swim onto it.


You would be selling your fish all day, every day.


Your special map, tracking device and rod are your website’s SEO.


Google is your fisherman.


SEO is the process of allowing the fisherman who is looking for your fish to find it and catch it.


When the fisherman catches your fish – you get paid.


SEO is not a cost – it’s an investment in your business.


Make sure your website is found in the vast ocean known as Google.

Contact us for your free consultation, where we will discuss a plan for you to get a map, GPS tracking, and a special rod for your fisherman through website SEO. 

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