How Can Email Marketing Help Your Business?

by | Dec 11, 2022

What Is Email Marketing - Email Marketing Explained


Let’s take a high-level view and answer the question – How Can Email Marketing Help Your Business?


Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves sending emails to your prospects and customers.


It’s an excellent way to build rapport and trust with your existing and potential customers.


Depending on your business, you can use email marketing in many ways, such as:


  • Sending out newsletters
  • Making promotional offers
  • Educating your audience
  • Gaining additional sales
  • Getting exposure to your website content

  • Promoting your videos on Youtube
  • Gathering customer feedback
  • Providing value to your customers
  • Guiding your prospects through each step of the customer journey


If you have an existing bank of customers, it is a powerful way of staying in touch with them, so you are never far from their minds when they need your products and services.


When you use email marketing correctly, you’ll find it’s a fantastic digital marketing tool to help drive your business forwards.


Why Is Email Marketing So Important?


Nowadays, many digital marketers would have you believe that email is dead.


We think not…


You must remember that only some people are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok and many of the big social media platforms.



Email Marketing Is Essential


So, this is just one of many reasons you need to have an email marketing strategy, as it will allow you to reach all your customers.


When you communicate with your customers by email, you are not at the mercy of a social media platforms algorithm as to who gets to see your content.


If you have a Facebook Page, when you post, only a tiny portion of your followers (typically 5% – 12%) will see the post organically in their newsfeed.  


If you want all your followers to see your page posts, you need to pay Facebook to ensure your message gets out to every one of them.


You don’t have complete control over the process unless you’re willing to pull out your wallet and pay for it.

Email Marketing Is Low Cost

Add that to the fact that a social media platform can suddenly change its rules, or worse still, stop your adverts or suspend you at any time.


If that happens, you suddenly lose the ability to communicate with your followers, which might prove fatal to your business’s bottom line.




If you have your customers and followers on an email list, you will always be able to contact your customers and continue to generate leads and sales.


So if digital marketing was a game of chess, you should never forget that email is your King.


What is email marketing - email marketing is king


You should view your email list as your portable database of customers and prospects that you control.


An email marketing list means you are not at the mercy of a social media platform and can access your customers anytime.


Social platforms come and go – look no further than MySpace.


My Space was once the world’s biggest social media platform – and where is it today?


Facebook came along and condemned MySpace permanently to the sidelines.


So if you had put all your eggs into the MySpace platform at the time, your business would be dead in the water today.


Currently, Facebook is the largest social medial platform in the world, with an estimated 1.9 billion daily active users.


So you should be on Facebook, but if something comes along and replaces Facebook  – if you don’t have your fans in an email list, then as users stop using Facebook, your business will take a downturn along with Facebook.


So big warning…


Suppose you have a significant social media presence on any social media platform. You should get your fans and followers onto an email list to control your current and future destiny.  


As a bonus…


If you have an extensive email list of related customers and prospects for your business, when it comes to selling your business, it’ll be worth a lot more to the buyer of your business if you have a large email list to go with it.


An old email marketing saying is, “the money is in the list”.


Some businesses will buy your business just for your email list alone.

So by building up an email list, you are adding a valuable asset to your balance sheet.


This will help you if you choose to exit the business at a future time.


What are the main types of Email?


There are three main types of emails that you need your business to be sending.

Email Marketing - 3 Types of Emails


Functional emails serve a purpose, and that purpose is to assist your business and your customer. 


Functional emails will include customer receipts, invoices, order confirmations, shipping details, cart abandonment, support tickets, sign-up details, usernames, password resets, acknowledgements and instructions.


Content emails will provide your customers and prospects with valuable content to help them or inform them on matters that would provide value.


Content emails will include new blog posts, newsletters, your welcome email, lead magnets, free tools or information you are sharing, a link to a helpful video you’ve created, a social post or exclusive content. 


A Conversion email is designed to make your recipient take a specific action that drives money into your business. 


A Conversion email could be a promotion, a discount coupon, an affiliate offer, a product launch, or an offer you are running. So a conversion email converts a reader from a prospect to a buyer.


Email Marketing Should Be Automated


You should be using email software that allows you to automate your emails.


Automated Email Marketing


Automating emails makes your life easier as a business owner, and guarantees that your customer gets the correct email at the right time.


For example…


When your customer makes a purchase, they should receive an automated thank you email.


When they sign up for your newsletter, they should receive an automated welcome email.


If a user puts an item into the basket but doesn’t purchase it, they should get an automated email to remind them a few days later that they did not complete their order.


There’s no shortage of email marketing software options for you to choose from that will allow you to automate all of these tasks.


Hopefully, we have answered the question, “How can email marketing help your business”?


If we have, you’ll realise that email marketing will make your business more money in the short term, and will it make it more valuable in the long term. 

Do you need any help with Email Marketing?

We can help you set up and implement an effective email marketing strategy depending on your requirements and industry.


We would analyse your current customer base and devise an email content strategy that would work best for your business so that you maximise your results.


We’ll help you select the best software and set it up for you or help you make the most of your existing email set-up if you already have a suitable email software integrated into your business.

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