Website Information Architecture

Is the mapping of you content/products on your website. Making sure they are organised well can have a significant effect on positive rankings with search engines.

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How Well is your content organized on your website?

Think of a shop, the products are all organized in aisles, with fitting products often seated together. This is done to make it easier for the consumer to find what they are looking for. It is the same with a website, you want to make sure the information contained on it is easy to find for both customers and search engine crawlers. No one likes spending time trying to find something so the easier it is the more engaged customers are. 



Content Mapping how can it help?

A mix of the right content with correct internal linking creates the road for customers to travel on their journey to find the information they are looking for. Whether that be technical data sheets of products or the services offered to your return and refund policy. Making a website easy to navigate is important as it reduces bounce rate and increases engagement.

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Silo’d content creation

Often keywords are clustered as they are similar to other ones. If you have separate content pages for each word then you could end up with Keyword cannibalization where multiple pages try and rank for the same words and end up fighting each other for the positions. This is why structured/silo content is extremely important to get correct. I would much rather be fighting other companies for the top positions in search engine rankings than have my website fight with itself.   


What Can Be Done To Stop Keyword Cannibalization?  

Content + Keyword Planning

If you spend enough time you can map out how you want your site to be structured. You just need to understand the data and how Keywords are potentially clustered by search engines. You can also get a professional to map out your structure for you on your website. It will save you lots of time and give you a good foundation to build from.

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We are not reinventing the wheel, we just give it more air to turn more freely!


Keyword research – We can provide structured data on keywords that will best serve your website.


Content Planning – Advise on a plan of content to release to support your growth aspirations.


Website Architecture plan – Deliver a plan of how to structure your content making it user-friendly to your clients.


Map E-commerce Categories – We help E-commerce stores to map out their products into categories that are suitable for search queries.


Website Information Architecture Creation

If you want an excellent user experience talk to us about our content mapping services.

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