Case Study – Car Mechanics

A small family run business, going through the aftermath of covid 19. This has been and is still one of our favourite projects to be involved in.


Fixing the simple things is the quickest method in achieving results and upon reflection, they are simple, when business owners are dealing with the day-to-day running of their company these things are often overlooked. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we just give the tyre a bit of air to allow it to run easier, quicker and more efficiently.

TVR Automotive Cardiff

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

A Service business that requires the phone ringing to get customers in. They didn’t have a visible/Clickable phone number. If you are going to a mechanics website you arer generally looking to make contact. All we have done is reduce the potential barriers in place and make it easier for customers to make contact and also physically find the business.

Project summary

Our initial job was to work on the website search engine optimisation to drive more traffic. We actually worked closley with the business owner to:

Add additional revenue streams

Review and action pricing structure

Review supply chain for cost savings on purchases

Drive more website, Telephone and Email traffic


The Strategy

Review website content, keywords, and traffic, understand the opportunity with quick wins, and get working on them. Schedule new content for the chosen revenue streams that we agreed to drive.

 Review of Website

  • Move to private servers
  • Content review and restructure
  • Business Analysis
  • implementation of the action plan

Proven Results

The below results were achieved over a period of 6 months and are still ongoing. The business saw its turnover double within 4 weeks. We sought out opportunities to create additional revenue. Completed competition analysis to assist in pricing restructure, Supplier engagement to achieve lower costs ultimately putting more money on the bottom line.


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords


Online Leads

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Tamim Shaharia

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