Do You Think SEO Is An Investment Or An Expense?

by | Dec 14, 2022

If you’re in business and your telephone number is on your website, you will no doubt have received many phone calls from companies saying they will do SEO for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s visibility to improve its rankings on the search engines to get more traffic to your website.


There are two ways to do SEO:


1) You can do it yourself – which will take you time.

2) You can pay a company or person who specialises in SEO – this will cost you money.


But is it worth it?


Let’s explore this in more detail in this article.

Analysing Your Outgoings

As a business, you will have lots of outgoings.


It’s very easy to look at your outgoings as a cost, and yes some of them will be.


But it’s important to distinguish between outgoings that take away from your business, and outgoings that put money back into your business.


So as an example…


An expense would be something that is a function of your business.


If you’re business requires you to travel to see clients, then the fuel you put into your car would be an expense that allows you to function.


Your electricity bill is another expense that enables your business to function.


You can’t avoid these expenses as they are essential to keep your business running.


An investment is a payment that will put money back into your business.


When we set up the Customer Collector, we needed to spend money on computers. 


We view the computers as an investment, because we are digital marketers, so we need our computers as they generate us our income.

How Should You View SEO?

SEO done correctly should be viewed as an investment.


Sure, it costs you a little bit, either with your time or with your money if you are paying a company to do the SEO for you.




If you can start ranking on page one of Google, and getting leads and prospects to visit your site, then the money and time you spend on SEO should be viewed as an investment.


Your website visitors won’t buy anything from you if they can’t find your site when they type their search query into Google.


By not investing in SEO either with time or with money, you are losing out and your competitor will get the sale instead of you.

SEO is the map that guides your customer to your business.

SEO Is An Investment Into Your Business

If there is no map the customer will not find you.


SEO is the best form of investment you can make into your business because once you start to get ranked on search terms that relate to your business, your customers can find you and you can make sales.


If you have a website and you’re not investing your time or your money into SEO, then its questionable as to why you even have a website?


So to summarize, SEO is not an expense.


SEO is an investment.


You either spend time or you spend money on it, and when Google starts to rank you for your search terms, it gives your business a chance to increase sales.


SEO will pay for itself many times over.


SEO does not happen overnight.


You need to tread carefully and either spend time learning SEO or hire a company that can help your site start to rank in the search engines.


SEO is an investment because when SEO is done right, you’ll get visitors and money back into your business bank account.

So now, Do you think SEO is an investment or an expense?

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