How To Stop Digital Marketing Scams In Their Tracks

by | Feb 10, 2023

With so many digital marketing services out there, it’s little wonder businesses like yours can quickly become targets and victims of Digital Marketing Scams.


Not anymore…


Because today we’re going to show you how to recognise a digital marketing scam, so you can stop it dead in its tracks and save your business from becoming a victim, and prevent you from losing money and time. 


Many businesses before yours have fallen prey to digital marketing scams. It’s a sad fact, but day in and day out, countless organizations of varying sizes, have fallen into the clutches of digital marketing fraud, resulting in tremendous financial loss.


In today’s blog post, we’ll dive straight into the realms of digital marketing scams – so you’ll know:


  • what they are 
  • understand the telltale signs 
  • and establish how you can fortify your business from becoming a target


So keep reading to be enlightened, and ensure your business remains secure from digital marketing scams.

Digital Marketing – A Double-Edged Sword


There’s no getting past the fact that digital marketing should be a crucial aspect of your business. In today’s world, you’ve got a plethora of digital marketing tools and strategies at your disposal that you should be taking advantage of.




Because digital marketing gives you unparalleled opportunities to connect with your target audience and expand your customer base.




Like with most amazing things, there are usually some dark and sinister players lurking in the background, ready to pounce on you like a Panther on a dark night. 


The field of digital marketing is not without its dangers. There are many, many, many exceptional digital marketing service providers out there who are reputable and as honest as the day is long.


But unfortunately, there are some digital marketing scammers out there, and as your business becomes more reliant on digital marketing, you’ll become increasingly susceptible to digital marketing scams. 


That’s why it’s imperative for you to be aware of the risks and take the necessary precautions to avoid becoming another statistic of a digital marketing scam. 


So, what are the warning signs you need to be aware of, and how can you stop your business from falling foul of a digital marketing scam?



The Devil Is In The Details: Understanding Digital Marketing Scams


A digital marketing scam is any deceitful scheme that uses digital marketing tools, strategies or services to deceive or exploit you. This can encompass anything from malicious email campaigns to fake websites that purport to offer products or services that do not exist.


Scammers will leverage digital marketing tactics to mislead you into divulging your personal information or to sell you non-legitimate products or services. Some Digital marketing scammers even create false social media accounts to spread bogus information or manipulate you into purchasing their products or services.


The ultimate objective of digital marketing scams is to profit by exploiting your trust or taking advantage of your naivety in that situation. A digital marketing scammer aims to take money out of your pocket and put it into theirs without actually delivering the service or product they promised.

The Various Forms of Digital Marketing Scams


You need to be aware of numerous forms of digital marketing scams. Some of the most prevalent types of digital marketing scams include:


A scam in which scammers send emails or messages pretending to be from a legitimate company to trick you into giving away your personal information.

Fake Websites:

Websites that claim to offer non-existent products or services.

Social Media Scams:

The creation of false social media accounts to spread incorrect information or manipulate you into buying products or services.

SEO Scams:

Scammers who utilise SEO tactics to manipulate search engine rankings and direct you to malicious websites.

Click Fraud:

Fraudulent clicks on online advertisements to generate revenue for the scammer.

Fake Reviews:

Writing fake reviews on websites or social media to manipulate you into buying products or services.

I’ve only outlined a few of the most common types of digital marketing scams.

You and your business team should ensure you are familiar with the different digital marketing scams to defend your business from becoming a target.

How To Spot A Digital Marketing Scam


Spotting a digital marketing scam can be a challenge, but there are some common warning signs that you should be aware of:


  • Guaranteed overnight success: If a digital marketing company promises you instant success, it’s probably a scam. No reputable company can guarantee you overnight success, as many factors contribute to the success of a digital marketing campaign.


  • Unusually low prices: If a digital marketing company is offering you significantly lower prices than its competitors, it may be a red flag. Quality digital marketing services take time and effort. If a company is offering these services to you at a very low price, it may indicate a lack of expertise or unethical practices.


  • Pressure to sign up immediately: Scammers often use high-pressure tactics to get you or your business to sign up for their services. Be wary of digital marketing companies pushing you to sign up before you have had time to research their services and reputation thoroughly.


  • Lack of transparency: Reputable digital marketing companies should be transparent about their services, pricing, and process. So be wary of companies that are vague about their services or won’t provide you with a clear explanation of their methodology.

  • No physical address or contact information: A digital marketing company with no physical address or available contact information is a red flag. Any reputable company should have a physical address, and you should have multiple ways to contact them, such as a phone number, email or a live chat option.

Summary of Article: How To Stop Digital Marketing Scams In Their Tracks


The long to short is that digital marketing scams can have significant consequences for you and your business, including wasted time and money and a major stress increase that you just don’t need or want.


If a digital marketing company promises the earth for a very low price, the flag should be red, and you need to stop and think.


Take heed to the signs of amazing promises of guaranteed overnight success, unusually low prices, pressure to sign up immediately, a lack of transparency, and requests for sensitive information irrelevant to the task they will perform for you.


Make sure you and your colleagues stay alert and vigilant to the signs of these scams and take proactive measures to protect yourself. 


Do your due diligence by researching digital marketing companies before engaging their services. Check their online presence, read customer reviews, and ask for references. 


You should also avoid responding to unsolicited emails or messages. If a digital marketing company does not have or will not provide contact details like a physical address, contact number, email or offer a live chat, then stay clear.


With all of that said, digital marketing is a fantastic way for you to grow your business. 


When you find a digital marketing company you can trust, build a relationship with, and communicate well with, your business will significantly benefit and ensure you remain competitive.


Stay alert, protect your business, and stay safe from digital marketing scams!

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