Here’s How To Sell More Of Your Products or Services

by | Dec 12, 2022

This article will show you how to sell more of your products or services.

How To Sell More Of Your Products And Services

To sell more products and services, you must retrain your mind and how you think about your business.


If you’re like most entrepreneurs we’ve worked with, you’ve likely fallen in love with your products or services.


If you love what your business produces, it’s great because if you don’t love what it provides your customers, how can you expect anyone else to love them?


So what’s wrong with loving your business…


It can become an issue because it can lead to short-sightedness in how you market your products and services to your potential customers.


When you love your own business so much, It becomes very easy to assume your products are so good that they’ll just sell themselves on their own as soon as you market them.


It’s a big mistake to think like that.


Remember this…


Other people don’t love your business or your products.


They are not buying the product or the services that you are offering.


What they love and are buying from you is actually something else…

So What Are Your Customers Really Buying?

So we’ve established your customers aren’t really buying your products or services.  


Sure, they’ll put in their payment details and purchase from you.


But behind the scenes, here’s what’s going on…


In your customer’s minds, they’re buying the solution and the result your product or service provides them.


So when you’re marketing online, you need to keep that thought firmly in mind.


So, refrain from ramming your product or service down your customers’ necks.

Sell solutions not the product

Instead, take a step back and promote your product as a solution to your customer’s problems.


Always remember, you’re never selling products or services. 


You are selling solutions!

How Do You Sell Solutions?

First, you need to know what solutions your products and services provide.


When you know what solutions you provide, you’ll be able to market your products and services accordingly.




Your products or services only exist because there is a need for them.


So if there is a need for them, then by definition, they must provide a solution.

To sell solutions, you’ll need to understand the reason why your customers need and want your products or services.

If you want a simple way to find out the reason why they are buying for you, write down your answers to these three questions.

  • What outcome does your potential customer want to achieve? 
  • What results does your potential customer want to get? 
  • What fears does your potential customer experience?

The answer to these questions gives you the solution your products and services provide to your target audience.


Then start selling more of your products and services!

Sell More By Selling Solutions

It’s Time To Update Your Marketing Copy To Sell More

The copy you write should always clearly reflect the solutions your products and services provide.


Update all the copy you write on your website, blog posts, advertisements, emails, social media, and any flyers or letters you produce in hard copy for your customers.


You should review your website and marketing materials and change the copy.


Make sure your written copy highlights the solutions your products or services provide for your customers and that you are listing more than just the features


Re-writing your copy is a simple, actionable step you can implement on your sales pages today!


Always think like your customer because…


Features might get you as the business owner excited, but the solutions that your business provides will really get your customers excited.


And when your customers are excited, they’ll be several steps closer to getting their credit cards ready to purchase from you.


By retraining your mind to focus on your customer and making all your marketing material reflect this, you’ll quickly notice a significant increase in the sales you generate for your business.

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