Business Content Strategy

Choosing the right information to be published in the right order across your site can seem like a minefield. You may not understand the importance of it, were here to help.

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Why is having a content strategy important?

Your content strategy is personal to your business and focuses. There are factors that impact what you should focus your efforts on first. Doing things in the right way can speed up your organic growth.


Content strategy things to consider.

The authority of your domain is instrumental in giving your business its starting place for content. What are your services/products? Who is your target market? Why should they buy your service/product? How do you want to transact with them? These questions all feed into creating a great strategy.

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Domain Authority

Domain authority is measured from 0-100, the higher the number the stronger your domain. New sites start with a domain authority of zero. Your domain authority is a trust marker for your domain, as with anything you need to earn that trust. It is highly unlikely that search engines rank difficult keywords with domains that are not authoritative. It is a lot easier to rank with lower-difficulty keywords. If you have a new domain you can start with content that answers low-difficulty keywords. These will be much quicker to rank and build domain authority. As your website authority gets stronger you can attack higher-difficulty keywords. 

What can we do?

Business Content Strategy Support 

Create a plan for content release.

We can create a plan to assist with building authority and traffic growth. Utilising our keyword research we can optimize your website to land traffic that will deliver measurable benefits to your company.

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We are not reinventing the wheel, we just give it more air to turn more freely!


Content Strategy Service Cardiff

If you’re looking to build authority and release content that will deliver results for your business, reach out for our help. 

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