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We can work with you to look for opportunities to reduce your cost and add more pound notes to your bottom line. After all you are in business to make money!.

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How often do you review your business costs?

We find that many small businesses are so in the throw of dealing with the day-to-day running of their business. Looking at the finer details of their cost base is always a job they will get around to. Always focused on the customer service they offer their customers. There is nothing wrong with this, but can you honestly say that you put your own supply chain in the same position? Business owners forget that they are the customer of their suppliers and they should be treated like one.



Input + Output

One of the things we find is that when businesses are billing customers that the cost to serve is often forgotten. An example of this is that the hours taken to do a job are not all charged out. This can leave huge holes in the expected output of a member of staff you are paying by the hour and not recovering that cost. Any recovery of hours billed hits the bottom line as you would have paid the member of staff no matter what has been charged out.

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Supply chain partners

Your Suppliers want as much of your purse as they can get. We all want sales, you can leverage this by offering up a larger piece of your spending. There are often many other ways the supply chain can integrate with your business allowing you to increase your spending with them and it allows them the justification of increasing your discount. On top of this larger organisations often have software integrations that can ease your processes, this can save you man hours allowing you to have more time serving your customer.   


Simple business 

Let the experts do what they are good at!

I had a company offer to clean my driveway, the charge was £120. My wife turned her nose up at it and said I could do it. Yes, I can do it but from history I know it takes me 4 days to do it, the jet wash company has specialist equipment so they can do it much faster. in 4 days I can earn more than £120, so I am better off earning money and leaving the experts to do my driveway. In a similar fashion, we look at small business operations and identify and places where experts can save the company time and money. 

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We are not reinventing the wheel, we just give it more air to turn more freely!


Conduct Market research to find relevant opportunities and prospects to target. – Set your business up for growth.


Understand your current position – We care about your business, we like to understand exactly where you are. Where you want to go and any restrictions that are holding you back from achieving your goals.


Make changes – We work with you to implement the changes that you feel would work for you. We then monitor the performance of those changes to understand how they impact your business.


Plan for the future Once the wheel starts turning it can gain momentum quickly. It is always good to have a plan, what do you do when you are near capacity? Who is your next employee?


Review current processes – Are there tools to speed up your process or administration time? Can you work smarter? Are you losing man hours?


Plan Changes – We always like to look at simple changes that can be made to your business without any investment. These are the quickest to implement and can generate additional revenue to propel further growth.


Review Changes – The review for us is critical, it is easy for everyone to buy into a change when they see the benefits of them. It is easy to buy into growth opportunities when you can see the benefits first hand.


Business Support Service Cardiff

If you want to save time and money and make your business more profitable then talk to us let’s see what we can achieve together. 

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Our Recent Work

Some of our recent projects.

We are proud to be working with such fantastic businesses with a passion for succeeding.

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Very pleased with the professionalism, the guys at Customer Collector are like a part of my team taking the headache of marketing away from me so I can focus on what matters. 10/10.

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